IMAGIT is a cultural project of international cooperation dedicated to creative communication. The project brings together artists, designers, researchers and technology experts in order to explore possibilities of non-verbal digital expression across various media platforms. One of the major challenges is to propose a functional, yet symbolic communication tool that would stimulate social interactions and allow for expanded understanding of community behaviour. The project consists of research and development phases together with public events (e.g. exhibitions), educational opportunities (e.g. workshops) and student exchanges as well as artistic residencies.

HANGAR, Barcelona [2] [3]
BRAINZ The Hungarian University of Fine Arts (HUFA)
Intermedia Depatment

Further informations:

Public events Budapest, November:
Poster/invitation (PDF, 0.6MB)
Labor Gallery (PDF, 0.3MB)


Status meeting at HUFA Budapest, 22/11/2016, participants:
Štěpán Kleník (BRAINZ), Nikolaj Tutarinov, (BRAINZ) Marta Gracia (HANGAR), Tere Badia (HANGAR), Michael Bielicky (HfG), Lukas Rehm (HfG), Sabine Scharff (HfG), Miklós Peternák (HUFA), Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák (HUFA) 


HfG Karlsruhe